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As a content creator, you know that the time and attention your audience gives you is precious. Social media is saturated with content creators. You know when you’ve gained an audience willing to listen to your message, your message has reached people who find value in your content. But what does it mean to add value through content? How can you add value intentionally? Adding value through content on social media is more straightforward than it sounds. When you gain an audience, you have made something valuable to them. Maybe you made them laugh or taught them a new skill. Whatever drew them to you brought them value. So to continually add value to your audience’s lives through content is to release material that incorporates your key message regularly. Doing this, you’ll maintain your core audience and gain new followers interested in the value you have to offer.

When you create content, you do so with a message in mind. It could be something like, “I want to show my audience how to live an environmentally friendly life by purchasing eco-friendly products.” Whatever it is, this message is what attracted your audience to you in the first place, and it’s how you first added value to their lives. They are interested in what content you will create based on that key message. Consistently incorporating and serving your message with your content is crucial to adding value. It’s also important to consider the tone in which you deliver your content. You would be alarmed if you were pleasantly chatting with your friend, and he suddenly started screaming at you. Ensuring a consistent tone throughout your content lets your audience know what to expect. You can fluctuate occasionally, but it’s a good idea to prep your audience for any tonal shifts.

Another key to adding value through content on social media is to release content through your primary modality consistently. Your primary modality is how you put your message out into the world. If you’re a vlogger, your primary modality would be videos; if you’re a blogger, your primary modality is through written posts; or if you’re a podcaster like me, your primary modality is through voice recordings. Your modality is your source material, and it’s where your audience will expect to receive value. If you were vlogging, and suddenly changed your modality to blogging, your audience would be confused about where to get your content. Sticking with your primary modality is essential to retaining your audience. Of course, you can spread your message through other modalities, but they should always point back to your primary source.

Last, but certainly not least, to add value through your content, you have to release content regularly. Putting work out into the world can be daunting. You may feel like your material is incomplete or messy. Regardless of those feelings, making sure your audience consistently has access to new material allows them to trust you, consider you reliable, and want more from you. Not every piece of content will be perfect; the point is that it exists at all, and your audience will thank you for sharing it with them.

Your message and content are inherently valuable. You have the wisdom and skills that you have gained over your lifetime of learning. Using these simple steps, you can add value to the world through your content:


  1. In one to two sentences, write down your key message. Whenever you begin creating new content, read this sentence, and consider: Is my content serving this message? If not, how can I alter my content to highlight this message better?
  2. Think about your primary modality; do you enjoy working in this modality? Or do you think another would serve your message better/ be more fun for you? Which modality fires you up?
  3. Create a schedule of when you will release content. Make a promise to yourself that no matter how raw your material is, you will release it to the world on the given dates.